Congo Rebels accuses DRC and Rwanda of complicit in the death of Italian Diplomat

After the Monday gruesome murder of an Italian diplomat, rebels have said they have no hand in the death and that the Government should be responsible. The Italian government will send a delegation to the country to know the cause. 

We didn't kill the Italian ambassador - Rwandan Rebels 

The Hutu rebels have denied any involvement in the death of an Italian ambassador that was shot in Congo after attending a Food summit in the southern region. They have however said all blame should go to both the Rwandan and Congolese governments for the death. 

Italy has swung into action by dispatching an Italian Carabinieri squad which will arrive in the country on Wednesday to investigate how the diplomat was killed. Luca Attanasio was shot in the stomach on Monday and died later. His convoy was attacked near Goma city and all occupants were killed. 

The dead include an Italian cook, Vittorio Iacobucci, and his unnamed driver. The minister of interior in DRC has pointed accusing fingers at the Forces of the FDLR who are a rebel Hutu unit that has carried out various guerilla attacks around the country for years. However, the rebel group has rejected such a tag, saying they are not guilty. 

Dead Italian found near a military position - FDLR 

According to them

'' It was reported that the attacks happen near a position of the DRC forces and Rwandan soldiers, how then could they have been guilty near such military positions?' 

Both the DRC and Rwanda government had not said if their regular forces were close to the location of the attack but a security expert says it was the Hutu rebels who had their haven close to the place. 'There is a huge possibility that the FDLR are responsible as they have several camps near the murder site' The expert insisted.